Poster Preparation Rules
-After the poster presentation texts are evaluated by the Scientific Board, whether they are accepted or not
Participants will be informed.
-Poster presentations accepted as a result of the evaluation will be prepared in the specified poster presentation format, printed and sent to the contact address by cargo. (Shipping cost belongs to the participant.)
-At the beginning of the poster, the author’s name, surname, title, institution and contact information (full address, phone number)
number, e-mail address) must be specified.
-Poster presentation texts should be written in 12 point font.
-Also 5 keywords should be given.
-The texts must be in the following format:

Top: 4cm
Left: 4cm
Bottom: 2.5cm
Right: 2.5cm
Character: Times New Roman (12 point)
Line spacing: Single
Paragraph spacing: 3 pt

Use of Images
-Visual elements such as tables, figures and pictures can be used in the articles if necessary. The tables, figures and images used must be sent to the e-mail address specified on the internet and each image to be printed must have a resolution of 304 pixels/inch and in JPEG format.
-The images used in the poster text should be numbered as Image 1., Image 2., … and information about that image should be written under the image and the source from which it was taken should be stated.
Quotation and Reference
-References and citations should be written according to APA (American Psychological Association) format. References must be cited within the text of the paper.
-All responsibility for the use of text, quotes and images in the paper belongs to the author.
-Poster notices, 5mm ready for display. It should be printed on forex material and sent, and hanging devices should be available on the back.
-It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the posters arrive on time without being damaged in shipping.

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