Abstract / Full Text Publication in the Proceedings Book
Papers presented at the congress will be published as e-books with ISBN. Authors who wish can have their abstracts or full texts published in the congress full texts book.
Publication Fee: There is no additional fee for publication in the proceedings book.

Chapter in Editorial Book
The presented papers will be published in international editorial books according to their fields. Authors who wish can have their papers published as an article section in an editorial book with an ISBN and a banderol appropriate to their field. Editorial books will be published in print and electronic format. Studies submitted to these books will be subject to review by the relevant committees and proof-reading may be requested if necessary for English studies.
Publication Fee; is US$50.

Publication in Indexed Journals
Participants who wish will be able to have their papers published in international refereed journals – provided that they are approved by the journal boards.

Publication Fee; US$50.