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Dear Researchers,

Our conference, which we organize with the motto “Generation Z is the Bridge of Change”, aims to reveal the effects of the transformation process on Generation Z and to create a platform that focuses on the role of Generation Z in shaping the future. By opening the doors to the social, political, cultural and economic dimensions of the issue, we aim to bring together Generation Z with competent people working in these fields and offer them the opportunity to benefit from their mutual experiences. It plans to bring together representatives of Generation Z  with professionals in their field during the sessions; We aim to hold a full summit where the life experience of Generation Z will be shared with the audience, with the vast knowledge and all the richness of the experts.

Generation studies, which started in Western societies after the Second World War, first in the fields of history, anthropology, sociology and demography, then in political science and market-consumption research, and mostly on the axis of youth studies, experienced its golden age in 1968. Today, psychology, communication and media are art. It is also developing rapidly with research in the fields of design and technology. The Bridge of Change Generation Z Conference is open to contributions from other disciplines, especially history, anthropology, sociology and demography, political science, psychology, communication, media, art, design and technology, and aims to host multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies especially for Generation Z.

We invite academics, researchers, educators, non-governmental organization employees and rights defenders, as well as students of all levels, who are interested in the conference theme, to contribute to this knowledge feast. The languages of the conference are English and Turkish. Papers to be presented within the scope of the conference will be reviewed by a double-blind peer review by at least two members of the Scientific Committee and other independent referees (if necessary), in line with the criteria and standards published on the conference website. Full text papers will be published in the congress proceedings book. In addition, the papers of the authors who wish can be published in the editorial book and international indexed journals after referee evaluation. We are honored to invite you to our Conference on behalf of our organizing committee.

Best wishes…

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet ŞAHİN

President of Conference